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Doing a great job in business and/or parenting, but struggling to have time or focus for yourself to Look and Feel Great? 
 I'm Mark, and at 47 with a teenage family, and running my Personal Training business for 20 years - I have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you ............and for FREE!

I specialise in helping parents who feel frustrated, exhausted, and lacking the time, effort and knowledge to focus on themselves to LOOK and  FEEL GREAT. 
I use my SAS principles to bring Simple, Actionable and Sustainable tips for results, without adding further stress to an already hectic life!
With over 20 years Personal Training of TV Presenters, parents, and business owners, I've gathered a LOT of body and mind improving information! I've pulled my TOP 5 tips, and put them together into a "DO THIS" ebook .

Many feel frustrated through a lack of motivation and plans, to get self focus, consistent weightloss and body improvements. My skills help you slow things down, and bring effective steps into daily life to change habits and routines, in turn, improving how you Look and Feel. 

I'll give you my TOP 5 steps for Looking and Feeling Great
 Why it's not about working out to improve weight loss
 Why things that worked for weightloss when younger, don't now!
 One change that will have a huge benefit, and you do it every day!

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